• Trade Program: KingsHaven Workroom Q&A

September 20, 2019

With the new KingsHaven Workroom, interior designers, architects, and anyone in the business of lighting clients’ spaces, can collaborate with our product design team to bring their detailed project visions to life.

To shed light about the just-launched Workroom program, we sat down with KingsHaven CEO and lead product designer Lauren Wylonis to share her take about why and how it simplifies lighting design and budgets for our trade clients.

Pictured: KingsHaven Lutyens Hanging Lantern

Q. What was the initial thought that sparked the creation of the KingsHaven Workroom?

LW: The initial idea, along with the inception of the KingsHaven brand, began some time ago when I was working on various residential design, redesign and restoration projects. After searching lighting designers and retailers far and wide, I could not find the ideal lighting I needed for several significant projects. I was looking for light fixtures that were completely interesting and unique, detailed with an understanding of history, but transitional, or even modern in some cases. I sought handcrafted lighting with a timeless feel.

When I came up short in the marketplace, the experience led me to create our current KingsHaven lighting company that is operated and managed by designers for designers.

Pictured: KingsHaven Astral 3

Q. What makes the KingsHaven Workroom different from other trade programs in the same segment?

LW: The KingsHaven Workroom is rooted entirely in the collaboration between a designer, builder or architect and the KingsHaven Workroom team. Our ability to customize fixtures, from size and style to color and finish, is unparalleled. Our skilled staff goes above and beyond for each trade program partner. Each project begins with support for our trade client’s lighting selection, whether from our in-stock and ready-to-ship options or the need to create one-of-a-kind light fixtures. With the KingsHaven Workroom, the sky is the limit with creative customization.

Pictured: KingsHaven Metrique Pendant

Q. What are the most unique aspects of the KingsHaven Workroom’s trade pricing program?

LW: KingsHaven’s Workroom offers access to the entire KingsHaven product catalog at exclusive trade pricing and discounts. With a free membership to KingsHaven’s Workroom, design-trade members can log-in and peruse many product selections at trade rates ranging from 30-to-60 percent off retail prices.

Because some projects require that one hard-to-find perfect light, and other jobs necessitate comprehensive lighting for entire homes or commercial spaces, we have decided there is no minimum purchase required. Any design professional can sign-up to become a KingsHaven Workroom partner and receive the trade discounts

KingsHaven Workroom Partners have access to the entire product catalog at competitive trade pricing, and they can customize any of our light fixtures or create something altogether brand new.

Pictured: KingsHaven Sail Sconce

Q. Why should design and design-build professionals become members of the KingsHaven Workroom for their custom lighting needs?

LW: The KingsHaven Workroom was created to be a one-stop-shop for those in the design trade looking to accomplish any lighting need or desire they might have while working on a project.

This involves the ability for designers to easily create custom orders. Or, we can even create the design lighting plans for them. Our staff works closely with our trade clients, which allows an easy means to track their orders from start to finish.

Our Workroom program offers virtual lighting design support through email, phone and Skype. We also offer prescheduled virtual or screen-sharing appointments and consultation sessions.

Pictured: KingsHaven Hammersmith Lantern Sconce

Q. What is involved with being qualified for the Workroom trade program?

LW: KingsHaven Workroom membership only requires filling out an online registration form, where designers are asked to provide their company name, company website, location, resale number, resale expiration, and general information and verifications.

Eligibility and terms and conditions about the program are easy to find and read on our website. Once eligibility is established, KingsHaven Workroom partners will receive membership discounts on full-price merchandise purchased at the KingsHaven store or online. For custom orders, pricing is determined based on the volume of product and the scope of work.

To learn more about the KingsHaven Workroom, please contact one of our lighting designers at info@kingshavendd.com or 844-546-4799.