• Renew with KingsHaven: Refresh Your Home for Spring

April 05, 2019

Pictured: KingsHaven Beckett Square Chandelier

It’s time to get creative at home, as we gear up for spring. After all, it’s a new year and new season, and the home decorating slate has been wiped clean.

We, at KingsHaven, like to think of spring as a time of year for curating one’s home in a relaxed manner that looks natural and organic- a place that you not only call home, but feels like home.

Adding natural beauty to interiors is a way to generate a cozy, airy appeal that focuses upon a neutral color scheme and subtle elegance. One of our favorite design techniques to accomplish this involves the installation and use of products handcrafted of natural materials such as gorgeous wood and stately iron or brass.

Properly delineated spaces are very much on our minds right now. To that end, our product design team loves the idea of a peaceful foyer that instantly puts guests at ease. Done properly, it should offer a visually restful pause. It should be a place of warmth for greeting guests before they move into the rest of the home’s interiors.

As always, we like to bring together natural materials that have a beautiful, yet understated, finish and are pleasing to the eyes. This is why we placed KingsHaven’s Convex Mirror in this foyer. Beyond creating a sense of depth, this mirror infuses the foyer with an entirely unique sensibility.

The overall nature of this foyer is Scandinavian, with shades of white, cream and grey. This form of attractive sensibility works perfectly with KingsHaven’s Beckett Square Chandelier with its textural combination of iron and wood. This light fixture is inspired by the American Arts and Crafts movement, and its square lines echo the clean Scandinavian vibe intended for the entryway. The Beckett Chandelier is also available as a rectangle and in other shapes.

Another design concept for spring is something we prescribe to daily. Rarely, if ever, install excessively decorative lighting in an interior. To us and many of our interior designer and architect clients, 2019 feels like the perfect time to dial down the statement pieces a bit.

Rather, use light in a way that feels balanced and sophisticated, not garish or overly elaborate. Keep styles unassuming so the result is graceful. Light fixtures created of natural materials with clean lines or other types of pleasing simplicity give a more relaxed look that engages the interior spaces.

When planning for a large space, you will want to choose a light that is dimensionally appropriate, as is this KingsHaven Sloane Chandelier, that has been customized with two round tiers of candelabra lights. Yes, this fixture is large because the space demands it. But, it creates a beautiful and meditative mood in this room because the level of light is just right.

Pictured: KingsHaven Custom Sloane Chandelier

This fixture also achieves a cohesiveness with its surroundings. It is reminiscent of French antique iron fixtures from the turn of the 20th century, with a frame built of richly textured hammered iron, and you can tell that it works perfectly with the architectural bones of this room. The union of the wood and iron gives credence to the home’s Tudor history, yet provides a fresh interpretation of the space.

Pictured: KingsHaven Bond Street Pendant

As you brainstorm your spring season refresh, turn your thoughts toward your bathrooms. With our spring design concept of indirect refinement in mind, we advise adding a ceiling-mount light such this customized version of our Bond Street Pendant. This elegant hanging lantern was inspired by London’s West End and brings with it the gravity of history combined with cutting-edge design.

As opposed to haphazardly placing lights all around the room or exactly in the center, select the location to serve two functions: To deliver lighting to a specific spot and add a delicate bit of contrast. As seen in the above photo, the pendant commands as a focal point, yet in a humble way that does not distract from the other elements in the room.

Pictured: KingsHaven Surrey Twist Pendant

We love a room, as the one above, that looks like it has existed for centuries, but is decorated with updated transitional and contemporary furnishings, art and accents. Celebrating the home’s architecture, these gorgeous wooden wall panels were kept in place to honor historic charm. Though, the Mid-century chest of drawers, handmade urn of African pottery, and a low-hung watercolor painting all speak to the young family of the home.

For this reason, we suggested the use of KingsHaven’s Surrey Twist Pendant. The handcrafted octagonal pendant is a modern take on a favorite English Lantern, without the need for glass. The ultimate in versatility, it suits this interior with its Charred Iron finish. For your springtime home changes, consider this pendant in Brushed Brass, Antique Nickel, or it can be customized to your taste.

The use of the Paris Prism in this living room (below) shows you how to select a fixture that works within a space that joins classic architectural elements and windows with modern comfort. Design your rooms for spring with soft blues and faintly moody tones to beckon friends and family to gather and visit. It’s the antithesis of last year’s trend of colder tones and industrial finishes.

Pictured: KingsHaven Paris Prism

Learning to use colors in a balanced way is an art form. This room, with its many hues of blue, is sophisticated because it is so nuanced. If you examine it closely, you will see there are hints of geometric patterns here and there. This is mainly reflected in the pillows, which are from KingsHaven.

Here is our take on using multiple patterns within one color scheme: Mix the patterns, but keep the shade of color unified with a palette of only three or four hues or tones. When you see a room like this, which is colorful yet calm, you wonder why people don’t do this more often.

This is another reason we recommended the Paris Prism Pendant and our Luna Table Lamp for this room. Their designs are in keeping with hints of geometric shapes and repeating patterns.

The pendant is inspired by the greats of the Modernist Movement in art and the great iron workers of Paris, and it blends seamlessly within the room. The Luna Table Lamp adds a bit of magic with its celestial inspirations and beautiful circular core.   

Pictured: KingsHaven Hammersmith Lantern Sconce

We’d be remiss if not for a mention about outdoor living spaces, leading to early spring.

First and foremost, refresh outdoor seating and dining areas by focusing on textiles. Use a lot of stylish pillows, like these from KingsHaven. They are like little, plush love notes of comfort to your guests; and, for this reason, you want them to be cheery and inviting. Once you set this foundation, even a casual, impromptu dinner will suddenly seem super chic. Invest in wicker placements and melamine dishware that fits your color scheme, too. It’s a straightforward way to heighten the mood and add color to the theme.

If your home doesn’t have adequate outdoor lighting, it is imperative you address this issue before spring. Guests will linger longer (and thank you) if they have ample lighting, such as this transitional Hammersmith Lantern Sconce from KingsHaven. With its handcrafted hook and scroll, this sconce provides a fresh romantic take on cottage-meets-Arts & Crafts.

Spring 2019 is the time to bring people together and have authentic conversations and meaningful interactions. Begin today in planning your interiors and outdoor spaces. Contact us to assist you. We will help you have everything in place as well as a place for everything- in time for spring.

~ The KingsHaven Team