In her brand new book, “At Home with KingsHaven: Estates, Interiors, Landscapes,” KingsHaven founder, CEO and lead designer, Lauren Wylonis, illustrates her love for the beauty, allure and craftsmanship of both historic and new homes through several remarkable residential design, redesign and restoration projects of her own. 

Each chapter and project reinforces KingsHaven’s core design principles of preserving the inherent aesthetic and character of older homes, while at the same time creating indoor and outdoor environments where families, with even the most modern sensibilities and needs, can thrive in everyday life, while enjoying the beauty of their surroundings.

Lauren Wylonis, along with book contributors Mimi Boston Johnson and Edward Wylonis, share a rare glimpse at the interiors and landscapes of homes that were created with the goal of providing a backdrop for luxurious and joyous living.


Inspired Design Derived from Many Cultures and Countries

Featuring residential design, redesign and restoration projects, Lauren’s new design book features breath-taking homes. One of them is Lauren’s own newly built home intended to feel like a beautiful older house, yet with state-of-the-art elements and the essence of personalized design.

Engaging narrative written by Lauren and large, colorful photography shot by principal photographer Joshua McHugh give readers an insider view of the talented “designer at home.”

Two other homes fully showcased and described in the new book were extensively restored by Lauren and her teams from the three design-focused businesses she owns: KingsHaven Properties; residential restoration specialists; KingsHaven Design, an interior design firm that creates life-changing spaces; and KingsHaven, national makers and retailers of handcrafted lighting, furniture and accessories.

Lauren provides readers with detailed narratives

Each home tells a different story. Lauren provides readers with detailed narratives and her own personal remarks and perspectives, describing the ways in which she preserved the original character, or created new character, for the homes- using tried-and-true techniques combined with never-before-seen design concepts.

“At Home with KingsHaven: Estates, Interiors, Landscapes,” by KingsHaven founder, CEO and lead designer, Lauren Wylonis, is filled with the author-designer’s personal insights and anecdotes as well as her design ideas and tips concentrated on all things design.

She explains how her travels around the world in search of artisans and artwork keep her in

a constant state of motion and exploration, leading to the creation of uniquely inspiring lighting, furnishings, and residential design projects for her clients.

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